Aug 2014 - Check out our new site

Dec, 2014 - Sources of error in next-gen sequencing, and how replicates may help… our work in Nature Reviews Genetics.

Sept, 2013 - After a short stay at Brigham Young University, I will be starting a new group in the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine! There my group will focus on mammalian systems biology and CHO cell bioprocessing.

Sept, 2013 - A new review on genome-scale modeling for cancer metabolism is out.

July, 2013 - The genomic sequences for the Chinese hamster and multiple Chinese hamster ovary cells have now been published

August, 2012 - 'Promiscuous' Enzymes Still Prevalent in Metabolism: Challenges Fundamental Notion of Enzyme Specificity and Efficiency

July, 2011 - The sequence of the CHO-K1 genome is now publically available

December, 2010 - Metabolism models hold clues to Alzheimer's mystery

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